API Security

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Is your app broadly accessible and are you concerned about your API’s security? Then forget all worries, we here at PHI Dimensions provide exclusive API security service to our clients. We have met the present day challenge of providing world-class security and protection to your company’s system and API through Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform.

PHI Dimensions take pride offering you best API security services by implementing best practices to secure your apps. We makes sure to follow the HTTPS and OAuth 2.0 practices to give your app an overall secure environment.

Our API security service ensures your APIs from adaptive threats like bad bots and automates threat protection at the API layer of OWASP top 10 threats. We analyses numerous API calls, detect threat patterns and ensures protection with measures like throttling.

Our API Security Service provides an enterprise grade security infrastructure which includes-

  • Role based access control
  • Authentication at each step
  • Threat Protection against XML, JSON, and DoS attacks
  • Traffic Spikes Protection
  • Performance Optimization
  • OAuth2 security
  • Throttling on back-end connections
  • Content based Routing

With changing IT infrastructure consisting of  cloud platforms, SaaS applications, mobile devices and number of APIs connecting it all together, making your APIs secure is the best practice to lead in the industry.